Friday, October 30, 2015

What she did to my pride and joy my prized Mustang GT was horrific


      Pedal pumping got a foot fetish and like watching girls drive barefoot or in high heels for years I have enjoyed and continue to film a pretty woman behind the wheel of her car letting loose flooring it or furiously operating the accelerator pedal with her right foot while driving barefoot seeing her pretty toes etc. I always enjoyed watching or filming this event. Typically she was in her car a rental car or a car to be honest, I never gave a diddley damn squat about cars. Deep down I always wanted to film a girl that got made and decided to take her anger out on the car and push her gas pedal hard until she blew up the engine while I am filming a video of her. It is a fetish I find it fascinating when a pretty lady makes her engine work hard for her own enjoyment weather she likes to go fast, like the feeling of acceleration or simply likes the feeling of her gas pedal at the bottom of her foot. The thing is I never realized what it feels like to see a girl do what she wants to and with her right foot use it to in a way dominate me and show control and power over her choice to rev hard and blows up a car and standing there powerless to her decision as she sits in the driver seat with her foot on the gas pedal. wa would be funny to rig up the engine so it would not start buy switching out the battery and have a personal laugh at her distress. 
My friend taught me this lesson one day when I knowingly rigged my prized classic Mustang GT 5.0 Convertible. I thought it

She wanted to take the Convertible mustang out for a joy ride as it was her all time favorite car as well. I got my laugh, but it all happened so fast classic . 
 she is industrious and well advanced in the mechanics of engines and cars. I did not know this. Suddenly she had my jumper box connected and in no time she was back behind the wheel triumphed in cranking up the motor but what she did next left me with many a sleepless nights. This car was my pride and joy it was old but it was awesome and a

Link to the Shocking Video of what she did to my prized car

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